The most notable top 10 brands at the Vicenzaoro September

Vicenzaoro, one of the world’s leading gold and jewellery shows, ended on 7th September. This year over 19000 visitors attended the exhibition. Buyers and operators from 120 countries have highly appreciated new collections of 1300 brands from 35 different countries and Italy , originated from various jewellery district like Vicenza, Valenza, Arezzo, Milano, Napoli and Caserta. An important novelty of the Vicenzaoro was NOW-“Not Extraordinary Watches”, a section dedicated to timepieces, which has hosted several brands in terms of innovation and design Made in Italy and Europe, which is closely tied to the jewellery world. Locman, Altanus Geneve, Lucien Rochart, Montres Louis Erard, Sordi Spa , to name a few. I wonder to pay your attention on the top 10 jewellery brands selected by Realm of Jewellery as the most notable that displayed and celebrated their heritage and new lines.

The important Italian brand, Vicenza-based Chimento Gioiellieri showcased two new jewellery lines named Armillas Moon and Double Flat. Distinguishing with excellent craftsmanship, supreme quality, creative design, attention to details, the collections are created to celebrate gold, a noble metal which is the core material of all jewels signed by Chimento. Available always in three colors of gold, Armillas Moon collection features moons as decorative elements, main geometric motifs with sinuous volumes. Double Flat is a reversible collection typical for Chimento (white gold reversible to pink, pink to yellow gold, yellow in its turn to white gold), which allows to wear a jewel in different ways, just by simply flipping the necklace or bracelet from one side to the other, that is confortable and versatile simultaneously.

Giovanni Ferraris has found his own place in the international market, offering to his clientele exquisite and versatile jewellery. Among others Anastasia, Twist and Divina collections stand out. Anastasia collection reflects the boldness of colors, original shapes, unconventional design, using gems like amethysts, tanzanites, rubellites as a centerstone, the shrank of the ring splits to wear it in one or two fingers. Divina rings consisting of seven bands can be worn in multiple variants, seven bands ring or two rings made by three or four bands. Original gift that makes women’s dreams come true. Twist collection has had a great success during the year, made of gold and titanium extended with delicate butterflies, ornated with diamonds and sapphires. This collection features femininity, women’s radiance and grace signed by Giovanni Ferraris.

Pasquale Bruni high jewellery Giardini Segreti Haute Couture Mille e Una rings are created to dress up unique stones with a great personality and spirit. Paraiba tourmalines, fire opals, emeralds of rare beauty, divine color aquamarines are embraced by crowns of diamonds and with the noble grace of gold which enshrines the mantra of its queen stone.This collection unveils central stones which delicately represent woman with its femininity, mystery and natural beauty.


The eminent high jewellery house from Valenza-Picchiotti introduced to his sophisticated clientele the Expandable collection, a new jewellery line ingeniously created combining intricate design with perfect fit. Rings stretch easily over the knuckles and contract back in place. They are crafted with various materials like turquoises, corals, mother-of-pearl, ceramics and others. Imperial collection highlighted unique and elegant Colombian emerald ring surrounded by baguette cut diamonds, which is surely have become a signature piece of the exclusive 2016 collection.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the Swiss-Italian jewellery house Stefan Hafner has created a new collection named Epoca to celebrate the elegance and delicacy of style. This stunning jewellery line is comprising of pendants, earrings, rings harmoniously ornated with diamonds and marquise cut light blue sapphires, representing concentric circles as a metaphor to the cyclical nature of time.

Istanboulli Gioielli remains faithful to diamonds, offering intricate, at the same time classic jewels, extraordinary craftsmanship and supreme quality. Unique turquoises in some one-off pieces chaotically alternate with delicate deep blue sapphires and scintillating diamonds. Stunning diamond Waterfall necklace,definitely shows us meticulous work of highly skilled craftsmen. Sparkling marquise-cut diamonds gracefully falling down on the neckline, are masterfully connected with round and pear-shape white diamonds-this is a result of high excellence. This unique jewellery item will undoubtedly pass from generation to generation becoming truly spectacular heirloom.

Yoko London enriched its outstanding high end collections, adding some new eye catching jewels, handcrafted with pearls of extraordinary quality, highlighting Radiant orchid, Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian pearls, enhancing their unique beauty by means of sparkling diamonds. Exquisite pearls by Yoko London stands out for their sparkling lustre, supreme quality and contemporary designs made for independent, self-confident clientele ready to avail herself of the best the world has to offer.

Always maintaining traditional canons of jewellery making but at the same time following innovative technologies and contemporary aspects in design, Valenza-based Garavelli 1920 creates meticulously handcrafted jewellery items, considering a minimal detail that brings them to an absolute perfection. Whether it is made of gold or set with stones, their pieces witness impeccable workmanship and creative approach, as seen on the example of Chrystal Emotions set and Dune rings, greatly appreciated by international clientele worldwide during the year 2016.


Mattioli jewellery from Torino, distinguishing with its original and modern look, showcased new rings from Firework collection, pure explosion of colors, enhancing precious gems like morganites, aquamarines, rubellites as centerstones by means of meticulously studded pave. The collection is undoubtedly inspired by the pointillism mainly used by the great French artist Georges Seurat.


Antonini jewels based in Milan have always delighted the eye of Italian jet set and international clients. Standing out for its contemporary vision, it displayed a new line named Siracusa, delicately playing with geometric shapes. The collection is suitable for every day wear and on special occasions; it will complement one’s look, adding a subtle sensuality. The idea is to feature the main element –gold as a matter of unique beauty.

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