“Nature Triomphante” by Boucheron

Boucheron, great and powerful French Maison, presented the new High Jewellery collection¬† “Nature Triomphante” during the traditional summer Haute Couture Week in Paris. “Nature Triomphante” is the new creation of Claire Choisne, the creative director of the jewellery house, who surprises every year with amazing ideas the most sophisticated clientele, jewellery conoisseurs and simple aficionados.

Dolce Vita by Piaget: Sunlight Journey high jewellery collection

The new high jewellery collection “Sunlight Journey” by Piaget is undoubtedly bright and original. It is the fourth sun-inspired jewellery line, following “Mediterranean Garden“, “Secrets&Lights“, “Sunny Side of Life“.¬†Radiant and vivid colors look richly and elegant, and never leave a sensation of bijouterie. The main idea of the collection is surely the Mediterranean sea: sea […]