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MeArt is within me, it is my lifestyle.
Since my childhood I’ve always been interested in it. I’m an expert in art and antiques. While still a student I started doing what caught my attention the most: the history of jewellery, that helped me further  to enhance my knowledges in this field. All-consuming passion for  jewellery led me to Italy where I learned the art of making jewellery, following every aspects from sketch to final product, gemology which allowed me to delve into the magic universe of precious gemstones, jewellery techniques, especially  to carry out a very serious  work namely florentine metal engraving by hand which requires utmost attention, concentration and great patience.
The technique-florentine engraving, very famous in the 15th century is widely used by highly skilled goldsmiths which painstakingly create masterpieces for more than a century for the eminent Italian Jewellery House Buccellati.
All this pushed me to the idea to create a blog-“Realm of Jewellery” which is definitely a constant search of endless beauty, never ending desire to perceive something new, exploring the captivating world of jewellery art, meeting well-known jewellers and renowned designers, talented craftsmen who speak about their unique fabulous items they make with great passion and love putting a little bit of their soul in every creation. The persistence, inexhaustible passion, great commitment, their constant devotion to the art of making jewellery are worthy of admiration.
“Realm of jewellery” invites you to enter the fascinating world of wonder, a kind of window which opens its shutters for  discovering unique rare gemstones, original high end masterpieces, could it be magnificent collections, one-off creations or historical jewellery adornments and be enchanted by them.
Let’s do it together, be part of it and share with others.
                                                                                                                                                    With Love,
                                                                                                                                            Lusine Chilingarian

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