Suzanne Syz: contemporary jewels with a touch of irony

In an industry predominantly ruled by male designers, Suzanne Syz is a rare gem among the few female designers creating jewellery today. Suzanne Syz is a key figure on Geneva’s jewelry scene who has been dressing women with her precious finery about 15 years. Her sparkling creations crafted with enormous finesse and skill reflect Suzanne Syz’s intense fascination for the contemporary art she collects.

Suzanne Syz never stops to surprise her sophisticated and demanding clientele. You ask , why? Because she is never afraid of experimenting: ingeniously inventing unique combinations of rare gems like spinels, alexandrite, tourmalines, beryls and unconventional metals such as titanium, aluminium, gold. And the result is always unexpected and incredible, somewhat exaggerated. But this is what is highly appreciated by clients, connoisseurs, admirers of her style.

Suzanne Syz like nobody else knows how to impress the audience. Twice a year she showcases one-of-a-kind jewels at the sumptuous hotel Ritz in Paris during Paris Haute Couture Week. A plenty of representatives of mass media, journalists, professionals, jewellery experts are eager to get to Paris at this time to capture these awe-inspiring, undoubtedly one-off jewels. Her smile is attractive and contagious as well as her works are audacious, and unique. It is almost impossible not to feel emotions when looking at Syz’s works, first and foremost thanks to its radiant colours, original idea, the exceptional craftsmanship.

Surely Suzanne Syz is off any restrictions and conventions, always trying to demonstrate something new, never-seen-before items, blending irony, boldness, refinement, uniqueness. You can also see and admire stunning creations signed by Suzanne Syz at the Art Miami-Basel, Masterpiece London, PAD London and Art Geneve.

Suzanne Syz’s jewellery adornments embody their distinctive character that make them truly unique.

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