Verdi Gioielli: Stylistic individuality with character

Verdi Gioielli
Verdi Gioielli

Always preserving traditions, but with the delicate touch of  innovation, blending style, emotions and elegant refinement, the brand Verdi creates unique jewellery, underlined by the diligent search for creativity, unusual choice of materials and utmost quality. Verdi Gioielli became famous worldwide due to their iconic pieces-finely crafted flexible bracelets, receiving popular acclaim and great reviews from the most important markets throughout the world – going beyond the expectations of even the most exigent and selected customers throughout the world. In our exclusive interview with the Creative Director of the brand Giovanna Protti, you will find out more about stylistic individuality of jewels created with character signed Verdi.

L.C.: What is the story of the birth of the brand Verdi?

G.P.: The brand Verdi was born in 1971 on the initiative of Mr. Giuseppe Verdi , who founded the company, taking it from his wife’s father, changing the name and even the kind of production. In 1970s we started working with wholesalers, then step by step in the beginning of the 1980s we collaborated  only  with  retailers, initially specializing more on the American market and then  gradually we have conquered  the world market. Our production has always been “Made in Italy” being focused first on the production of  flexible bracelets, which made as well known all over the world. Who wants to wear a stunning bracelet ,created in a certain way, definitely comes  to us.

In the recent years we have expanded the horizons, the requests for the past ten years are also on rings, earrings, but everything starts from bracelets of our taste, as usual we differentiated the production. We are specialized more on the export because of the presence of the product in our market.

Pearl and diamonds bangles, rings, earrings, Verdi Gioielli
Pearl and diamonds bangles, rings, earrings, Verdi Gioielli

L.C.: Where do you get inspiration for creating exquisite and unique jewellery?

G.P.: As for inspiration, may be a fashion show or an exhibition inspired us for creating new pieces. Or it could depend on some physical or mental sensations. There are two ways: precisely one starts, another interlaces it, then surely there may be a basic intuition, a moment of everyday life precisely because you go to see a show or a shop window, or color that hits you at that time when you are traveling. Being brought by  the creativity, this feeling  then shows off so well.

L.C.: What are your favourite stones? Why? What is your way of evaluating stones?

G.P.: As concerning  favourite stones, there are two thoughts, technical and  practical, so may be every year some coloured stones are in vogue and we use them in our jewels. Or there are specimens that are favoured by the company, as working here for twenty five  years, we have elaborated a common sense of  the stones aesthetics. As we see, our clients appreciate our jewellery, so it works. It means that it’s not necessary to be connected to the fashion. Generally we use a plenty of colored stones combining them even in unconventional ways. Each of our pieces is studded with diamonds. You can barely find aVerdi jewel without diamonds and adorned only with colored gems.


L.C.: Please list three important factors that you consider when designing a jewel.

G.P.: Femininity in forms, in weight; forms, not sharp or architectonic. Very often we try to marry the beautiful with the portability of jewels with nonchalance, it should not be an object of art or an architectural work. I can add the particular attention to details , especially to precious stones. And the most important thing is certainly the value . We must always put a salable price.

 L.C.: Describe the woman wearing Verdi Gioielli.

G.P.: An independent woman, who probably has all the classic jewelry and she  is looking for something different, as always neat and feminine. For me it is important that a woman feels at ease and she is proud of   herself, of what to choose, what she wants to wear.  Economic security is important for a woman, but also mental.

Coral, turquoise, onyx diamonds bangles, Verdi Gioielli
Coral, turquoise, onyx diamonds bangles, Verdi Gioielli

L.C.: Is there any jewellery item that symbolize particularly the Maison Verdi?

G.P.: Flexible bracelet. We are among the few companies in Italy,  being able to create it. In my opinion, our craftsmen are the best. When I joined the company, they have already created these bracelets and since now we use this knowledge, we have developed it in other forms, in other dimensions because the years will change. I would say that the bracelet  is our “must-have”.

L.C.: What are the keys to success in this very special sector of  exclusive High Jewellery?

G.P.: I believe that the company must be proactive, be unique, special. I always try to get some ideas, ideas from the outside, but then I try to forget them, change them in the way to appropriate, to develop absolutely in my ways. I hate banality, similar things to each other.

L.C.: 45 years of experience, hard work, commitment, passion, many unrepeatable and unique jewelry  have been created. Describe your feelings that accompanied you during these years.

G.P.: Not only positive emotions have surrounded us over the years. Amongst  the fantasy, joy, there were difficult years to manage the company, always trying to move ahead, overcoming obstacles; then you see the moments when everything is going to be realized in a right way above all with total freedom , it is an absolute emotion , but the most important thing  is  to try to maintain the final value of the jewel.

Bangle and ring with carved coral, emeralds, onyx, diamonds, Verdi Gioielli
Bangle and ring with carved coral, emeralds, onyx, diamonds, Verdi Gioielli

L.C.: What are some changes you hope to see in the jewellery industry?

G.P.: Beyond the factor that there are always more people who love jewelry, I would like that in this world everyone could say, could speak in his own way, having  freedom of expression, that everyone could have  their own ideas, and do not copy, this is my wish.

L.C.: How do you define luxury?

G.P.: Luxury is to be able to do things that give you satisfaction, whether you bought a bouquet of flowers  for yourself, or you purchased  a nice jewel by Verdi because you can afford it. I like to feel satisfaction in the things that express luxury, to be satisfied, not because it is fashionable to do so, or so I have to, but a pleasure to purchase a jewel.

3 May 2016/Lusine Chilingarian

Photo Courtesy of Verdi Gioielli

Giovanna Protti, Creative director of Verdi Gioielli
Giovanna Protti, Creative Director of Verdi Gioielli


Ruby, sapphire, emerald,diamond bracelets and rings, Verdi Gioielli
Ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond bracelets and rings, Verdi Gioielli
Carved emerald and diamond parure, Verdi Gioiell
Carved emerald and diamond parure, Verdi Gioiell
Diamond parure, Verdi Gioielli
Diamond parure, Verdi Gioielli