Giovanni Ferraris

L.C.: How did you started making jewellery? 

G.F.: After having learned the art of goldsmithing with passion, I decided to dedicate myself to the development and production of my ideas, therefore in 1985 I founded my own company.

L.C.: How has the creative direction of Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli changed over the past ten years? What are some values that you’ve retained?

G.F.: I started producing jewellery watches, at the beginning the company was very small, I had excellent skilled craftsmanship but not the economic strength to support an advertising campaign. Then in 2002 Giovanni Ferraris became a brand and we launched a jewellery collection too. From the beginning all the production was made inside my company, this allows me to check personally all production steps and it is something that I really want to retain.

L.C.: What are your favourite gemstones to work with? Why? 

G.F.: Diamonds because we use them in all their colors, hues.

L.C.: What are your sources of inspiration while creating a jewellery item?

G.F.: I travel a lot and observe the changes: lifestyles, tastes, generations… And finally I think about the women, in spite of all the changes they are always trying to be distinctive, seductive and do not loose their femininity. From this  idea jewels are born, luxury undoubtedly attracts, not to be ostentatious, but as an instrument of freedom: it allows to offer yourself, at least occasionally, something rewarding.

L.C.: Describe the woman wearing Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli.

G.F.: The woman to whom I am addressing is  contemporary, she loves to feel glamorous, and for me the glamour is something indefinable, either wearing old jeans or in evening dress.

L.C.: What markets do you work in? What strategy do you use for the different markets?

G.F.: We have customers all around the world but our main markets are Middle East, Asia, Russia. We observed that in the last years the social networks are becoming the most effective advertising mean so we are using them a lot.

L.C.: What do you think is a must -have item for every woman? Why?

G.F.: A jewel that represents a flower because it embodies the feminine sensibility.

L.C.: According to you what does contribute to your success?

G.F.: We have unique skills manufacturing techniques. My company tries to differentiate itself by producing jewelry always fashionable Italian design+Made in Italy Producing design jewellery does not mean to have a product with different shapes and colors, you have to give the customer something unique that can surprise him and you can get it just through research, experimentation and experience.

L.C.: What are some changes you hope to see in the jewellery industry?

G.F.: Today the world of jewellery is inspired by a new generation of international consumers of emerging countries. Many major brands are producing jewelry collections aimed at a market average low because consumption in this range is greater at an international level. The Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli is structured to produce a limited number of jewelry, the experience and skill of craftsmen that we have allowed us to make unique incomparable pieces of great value.

L.C.: Three key words that define Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli.

G.F.: Italy, quality, design.