Jewels as “the objects of a timeless desire” by Carlo Palmiero

The worldwide  renowned  master jeweler and designer-Carlo Palmiero  stands out  on international  jewellery scene. His highly detailed, unconventional style reflects the distinctive merging of exquisite, excellent craftsmanship with a highly personal, contemporary vision. A true artist, Palmiero’s  training, experience and attention to detail are the foundations of his work and of his unique ability to create sophisticated jewellery items.

Longtime love affair: Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari Jewellery House

“The only Italian word Liz knows is Bulgari”  Richard  Burton Bulgari Heritage Collection bears witness to a longtime love affair between  the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor and the eminent Jewellery House. The iconic jewelry items-seven pieces  were showcased on July at Bulgari flagship store on via Montenapoleone in Milan. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to view […]