Mediterranean spirit: diving into the blue

  1. Lorenz Baumer. White gold, aquamarine, diamonds earrings.
  2. Sutra Jewels. White gold, black opal , sapphire, diamonds earrings.
  3. Faraone Mennella. Yellow gold, turquoises bangle bracelet.
  4. Yoko London. Pink gold, white and pink pearls, diamonds earrings.
  5. Busatti Milano. Titanium, tanzanite, diamonds ring.
  6. Jacob&Co. White gold, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, yellow sapphire, marquise cut diamonds earrings.
  7. Fabio Salini. White gold, pink, red corals, kunzite, diamonds earrings.
  8. Chantecler. White gold, turquoise, diamond sautoir.
  9. Arunashi. White gold, titanium, paraiba tourmaline, diamonds ring.
  10. Fabio Salini. Yellow gold, white, peachy, pink, red corals bracelet.

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