Dolce Vita by Piaget: Sunlight Journey high jewellery collection

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

The new high jewellery collection “Sunlight Journey” by Piaget is undoubtedly bright and original. It is the fourth sun-inspired jewellery line, following “Mediterranean Garden“, “Secrets&Lights“, “Sunny Side of Life“.┬áRadiant and vivid colors look richly and elegant, and never leave a sensation of bijouterie.
The main idea of the collection is surely the Mediterranean sea: sea azure, pink gold of sunset, pine color of grass, sky, the all-encompassing feeling of joy of life and enjoyment every moment, for which we all love Italy. Colourfulness and expression are the basic source of inspiration for the Piaget’s craftsmen, revealing the unique beauty of Amalfi Coast in the Sunlight Journey collection.

With its iconic luxury, expressed in the unmistakable peachy, pink of tourmalines, delicate red of spinels, rubellites, radiant orange of mandarin garnets, unique myriad of shades ranging from deep blue to bright green with clear milky tones of black opal, royal blue of sapphires and ment green of paraibas. All of them are protagonists of the collection. Neverending journey that highlights colorful fantasies, embodied in bright gems, reflecting the Mediterranean charm of a simple Italian style of life, the enjoyment of the moment and spontaneity,the riot of colors and the exalting beauty of nature. All pieces are unique and emanate a totally unrivaled radiance.
Connecting three main themes: Secrets of Dawn, Midday Festival, Nightfall Celebration, Piaget harmoniously combine sapphires, paraiba tourmalines, spinels, rubellites, garnets, beautifully framed with sparkling diamonds.

1.Piaget’s cuff bracelet in pink gold with the typical Maison’s “Palace” chiseling features a central firework of motif in spinels, pink sapphires, rubellites, mandarin garnets and diamonds, reflecting the warm hues of the Amalfi Coast sunsets in summertime.

2.Reminiscent of the 70s, the watch bracelet is part of the Sunlight Journey collection, entirely covered with emeralds, black opals, ment green tourmalines, delicately catches the colours of the Mediterranean cool and refreshing waters of Positano and Amalfi in the midday lights… The dial is made of a rectangular black opal plaque.

3. Collar-necklace beautifully ornated the neck of charming Jessica Chastain, international ambassador of the brand is strictly underlined by circular bandeau of diamonds, connected to another line of baguette cut rubies, from which hang down baguette and round cut diamond cascade. The cornerstone of the whole jewellery composition is an impressive pear shape diamond of mesmerizing beauty.

4. Piaget’s ring features an important sapphire of 50cts, named queen of Mogok, the unheated velvety blue cushion cut sapphire is mined in Burma and it is the highlight of the whole collection. The central gem is gorgeously ornated by diamond pave shank. The ring of outrageous beauty absolutely demonstrates an unsurpassable workmanship and timeless creativity of the Maison.

5. Continuing the theme of the 70s, the signature designs of the period, revealing gorgeous pendant earrings highlighting round, oval and fancy shape black opal, connected with round cut diamonds and ending by mint green pear shape tourmalines.
Once again Piaget proves its existence on the jewellery olymp, being the significant part of high jewellery houses,capable to underline impeccable expertise and grand excellence.

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