Jewellery of emotions and character: Boghossian


Almost a century the prestigious Maison Boghossian created high jewelry away from prying eyes. Jewelery with impressive colored stones was highly appreciated by a select and demanding clientele: European aristocracy, Arab sheikhs and important brands.
Six generations of jewelers, driven by their rich heritage, audacious designs and innovative craftsmanship, slowly became known to the wider public, thanks to their truly unique artworks. But from the very beginning the Boghossian family was known as the creator of the Boghossian foundation, who wanted to show their unique collection of antiquary to the world: the only ornaments, household items and furniture, where ancient European jewels and fine murals of the Chinese Ming Dynasty adjoin together in perfect harmony.

The collection is a constant source of inspiration for the jewelry workshop. The head of the family, Albert Boghossian, appreciates in jewellery two aspects: technical perfection and emotion. When creating adornments, the Boghossians orient themselves to the eastern tradition. Albert Boghossian in particular is inspired by the stylistics of the Mughal Empire. He is attracted to large things with a complex composition and architecture, with lots of details and bright, soloing stones. But the success of Boghossian lies in a skillful balance. Drawing inspiration from the splendor of the East and the rationalism of the West, they manage to grope for a fine line, a balance due to which jewels are popular in both parts of the world.

Jewels signed by Boghossian first and foremost astonish and evoke reaction. The “Art of Inlay” is what stands them out. It is an Orient Contemporain, delicate combination of Eastern and Western cultures, the classic and modern. The precious technique “setting the stone within a stone” deeply inspired by Taj Mahal, is the know-how of the Maison. The beauty of the stone is more than a momentary fashion; it is highly valued, being the core element in every piece created by Boghossian.

Being a gemologist Albert Bogossian meticulously chooses solely the purest and rarest gems, blending them in the most unconventional way bringing to life each item. He never afraids to combine the delicacy of rare conch pearl and solidity of titanium or create a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, offering two different diamonds a white and a pink ones, that strictly define the character of jewels by Boghossian  always giving infinite emotions.

Let’s discover new truly spectacular jewels by Boghossian on the upcoming Masterpiece fair in London on 29th of June till 5th of July. Jewels that will continue to push the boundaries of creative possibility and be a source of artistic inspiration.


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