Suzanne Syz: contemporary jewels with a touch of irony

Suzanne Syz
Suzanne Syz

In an industry predominantly ruled by male designers, Suzanne Syz is a rare gem among the few female designers creating jewellery today. Suzanne Syz is a key figure on Geneva’s jewelry scene who has been dressing women with her precious finery about 15 years. Her sparkling creations crafted with enormous finesse and skill reflect Suzanne Syz’s intense fascination for the contemporary art she collects. Continue reading

“Chaumet est une fete” high jewellery collection

Her Majesty Music profoundly sounds in four unique themes that celebrate the authentic Parisian art of living named “Chaumet est une fete”. The prestigious Chaumet closely introduced us Aria Passionata, Pastorale Anglaise, Rhapsodie Transatlantique, Valses d’Hiver collections, unveiled recently at the Musee des Arts Forrains during Haute Couture Week. Continue reading

Dolce Vita by Piaget: Sunlight Journey high jewellery collection

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

The new high jewellery collection “Sunlight Journey” by Piaget is undoubtedly bright and original. It is the fourth sun-inspired jewellery line, following “Mediterranean Garden“, “Secrets&Lights“, “Sunny Side of Life“.┬áRadiant and vivid colors look richly and elegant, and never leave a sensation of bijouterie.
The main idea of the collection is surely the Mediterranean sea: sea azure, pink gold of sunset, pine color of grass, sky, the all-encompassing feeling of joy of life and enjoyment every moment, for which we all love Italy. Continue reading

Mediterranean spirit: diving into the blue

  1. Lorenz Baumer. White gold, aquamarine, diamonds earrings.
  2. Sutra Jewels. White gold, black opal , sapphire, diamonds earrings.
  3. Faraone Mennella. Yellow gold, turquoises bangle bracelet.
  4. Yoko London. Pink gold, white and pink pearls, diamonds earrings.
  5. Busatti Milano. Titanium, tanzanite, diamonds ring.
  6. Jacob&Co. White gold, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, yellow sapphire, marquise cut diamonds earrings.
  7. Fabio Salini. White gold, pink, red corals, kunzite, diamonds earrings.
  8. Chantecler. White gold, turquoise, diamond sautoir.
  9. Arunashi. White gold, titanium, paraiba tourmaline, diamonds ring.
  10. Fabio Salini. Yellow gold, white, peachy, pink, red corals bracelet.

Flower-power in the realm of high jewellery

Spring is that magnificent moment when art, beauty,creativity, nature, flowers, colors come together in perfect harmony. Flowers are favourite theme used by independent designers and eminent jewellery houses to make original, fascinating creations, highlighting their beauty by means of noble metals and precious gems, observing proportions, forms and volumes. Let’s see some original floral appearance on the Olymp of high jewellery world. Continue reading