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                                           Tips for wearing jewelry during the day


When choosing jewels for clothing do not forget about the rules of the dress code and that various jewels correspond to the different time of the day. 


09:00 Morning

Keep yourself in the hands while choosing what kind of jewellery to wear for working. On each hand should be no more than one ring. Large diamonds are only pertinent on the engagement ring. Long pendant earrings will look overdressed and the beads should not be too large,it’s  better to wear  a thin chain with a pendant.

Piaget ring
Possession ring, Piaget

12:00 Noon

It’s time to make your image more vivid and add colors: suitable shades-orange and blue. Coral e.g., will look even informally next to diamonds. And on the lapel of the jacket is quite acceptable to put on  a brooch, but if you wear earrings, it would be better to pin it away from your face.

15:00 Afternoon

Gold without stones is suitable to be worn in the afternoon, so you can boldly wear massive gold bracelets without pendants. In this case it would be better not to put on other jewels.

And remember: do not wear bracelets on the gloves: so do only crowned heads on the magnificent reception, and the royal protocol in this case is not a synonymous of elegance at all.

17:00 Five o’clock 

In the evening you can make the image slightly bohemian ,e.g. ethnic Indian style bracelet with colored stones and a moderate amount of diamonds can help you. In the meantime earrings are longer, chains are massive, more frilly.

18:00 Cocktail

For a light dinner or a cocktail party they are waiting from you earrings-pendants and explosions of colours on cocktail rings with stones of bright saturated colours. Instead of large diamonds you can wear cameos, as well as topaz, citrine and peridot. All of them need to be  exquisitely framed.

19:00 Theater

And now it’s time of diamonds and vintage jewelry. But don’t forget that fashion jewelry is changed every twenty years, so the necklaces and brooches of thirty years ago may look old-fashioned. But if you inherited vintage jewelry, do not even hesitate, feel free to wear them -they look just as luxurious and expensive as antique furniture in the interior.

Miriam Haskell vintage jewellery
Miriam Haskell vintage jewellery

20:00 Dinner party

Blue and green gemstones combined with sparkling diamonds look very elegant. Wear large necklaces, earrings-pendants, as about the watch, it’s better to postpone it until the morning; in the evening, only if it is comletely studded with diamonds, but it doesn’t match to every evening gown.


Piaget mediterranean garden
Mediterranean Garden necklace, Piaget
Limelight Secret Watch, Piaget
Limelight Secret Watch, Piaget

22:00 Ball

Finally the time has come when you can afford to put on everything at once: earrings, rings, brooches, pendants, necklaces and even tiaras; but only if you’ve chosen a simple and strict formal dress without prints and sequins. Jewels have to match to each other and you have to avoid wearing zircons as under the reign of the Queen Victoria. There were used as substitutes of diamonds, and for the evening there is nothing worse than an imitation.


Four Seasons High Jewellery mini-collection Winter
Four Seasons High Jewellery mini-collection Winter, Bvlgari

Nota Bene: the thread of pearl is the unique kind of jewel which is appropriate anywhere, anytime from the very morning to the late evening.  

Pearl necklace, Mikimoto

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