“Memento Mori” by Codognato

Strolling through the Piazza San Marco, you will sooner or later find Codognato-legendary jewellery boutique that has never changed the address since 1866. It is like a dip in the years of unrestrained luxury, when a crowd of celebrities came to merry in Venice, and among them lionesses of the great world: Coco Chanel, Elisabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Jacky Kennedy and the likes.

Venice-based high jewellery house founded by Simeone Codognato dates back to 1866, creating impeccable items, getting inspiration from archeological digs of Etruria. The mainstream of Codognato style “Memento Mori” is reminiscent of symbols of death, combining byzantine, baroque, neogothique even neoclassic styles that embody pure essence of Venetian works of art.

The symbolism in Codognato mystic jewels is evident. The vanity theme is passed over every piece reminding that nothing is eternal even the human life. Blending extremely unconventional materials with traditional techniques of engraving, enamelling, granulation, each jewel is meticulously handcrafted by highly skillful artisans. Every single detail in a jewel is totally thought out, in particular way the reverse of the item which is visible only to its owner. Maintaining the family legacy, Attilio Codognato, the actual owner and the great grandson of Simeone Codognato, runs the family business. Still a rarified name in the world of jewellery, a destination jeweller Codognato lives and works in Venice, where he presents ideas and designs to clients in his by appointment-only sumptuous boutique.

Casa Codognato, one of the most sought-after jewellery houses in the world highly impresses collectors and connoisseurs with its distinctive style, featuring creative eclectism.


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