High end jewellery discovered at DJWE 2017 in Doha

Haute Joaillerie undoubtedly stands apart in the art of jewellery making. Nothing can be compared with it : each jewel is unique, meticulously handcrafted by the most skilled artisans, using only exceptional gems distinguishing with their unique characteristics, highly appreciated by connoisseurs, professionals, aficionados. The true value of a jewel “haute de gamme” are exquisite stones, creative design and impeccable craftsmanship, build on secular traditions, but also on infinite emotions, gifted to the wearer who possesses a one-off item.

Haute Joaillerie pieces are important part of acclaimed jewellery fairs. DJWE is one of them. Starting at the end of February in Doha, the prestigious exhibition in the Middle East aims to reveal the luxurious names alongside with local emerging designers, to showcase the latest collections and unique adornments to the public eager to celebrate the true high jewellery art. Realm of Jewellery carefully selected five prestigious jewellery houses to draw your attention to: Busatti, David Webb, Picchiotti, Scavia, Veschetti.

Since 1947 Busatti Milano has created high jewellery collections infused with a unique blend of tradition, sophistication, state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship, avantgarde design. Renowned for its imaginative, eclectic, unusual and amazingly crafted pieces, in Doha the Maison showcased truly breathtaking , awe-inspiring in quality, astounding jewellery to delight the eyes of connoiseurs, professionals, collectors: “Mandala” necklace, “Butterfly” brooch, “Rock Crystal emerald” ring, “Leaf” bracelet; embellished with twinkling gems like deep green emeralds, dazzling various cut coloured diamonds, tender  pearls, basalt fiber, delicately mounted on gold, titanium, the signature metal of the Maison. Busatti Milano creates genuine masterpieces that embody the vibrant aesthetics of creatives.

David Webb, an iconic American jewellery house, well-known throughout the world, also displayed its emblematic jewellery in Doha. Based on creativity, exuberance of colors and unsurpassed execution, its a result of multicultural diversity and unbelievable glamour. Bejeweled Animal bracelets, Rainbow earrings, Solitaire gold rings, Wave rings Shoelace cuffs: each of them features unique characteristics, thanks to unconventional materials combined with a bright myriad of colors which seems to be bold exageration but at the same time surprises by its exceptional taste. David Webb jewellery reflects sophistication and elegance, highlighting a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation by original design and sumptuous details.

High jewellery collections by Picchiotti are part of the global jewellery scene. By celebrating its 50th anniversary of commitment and prestige, in Doha during the DJWE, the Valenza-based Picchiotti jewellery house unveiled its latest groundbreaking creations, featuring simultaneously classic and creative design alongside with impeccable workmanship. The Ruby Buff Top ring, signature technique patented by Picchiotti; Imperial ring with a unique heart shape fancy intense yellow diamond, delicately surrounded by baguette cut diamonds; another important ring: an asscher cut diamond masterfully mounted on gold, meticulously encrusted with tender opals. Picchiotti is a tribute to excellence and timelessness that hand down from generation to generation and will undoubtedly become a heirloom for tomorrow.

Tradition, innovation and design are crucial characteristics of Scavia Jewellery. Fulvio Maria Scavia, numerous award-wining jewellery designer is inspired by the world of women, the sensivity and romanticism. He likes to transfer into a piece of jewellery main traits in a woman’s soul, her needs, innermost desires. Scavia’s jewels presented in Doha is a unique combination of delicate gems and traditional techniques with an innovative touch. First it is all about an idea, followed by the technical perfection required to make it and lastly the most extraordinary materials to bring it to life. Colombian emeralds, Mediterranean corals, Mexican opals, inimitable precious gems masterfully mounted on noble metals, generously studded with diamonds, they are real masterpieces. Scavia jewels have a glamorous style in which creativity and timelessness come together in perfect harmony.

Veschetti, the prestigious Maison from Brescia, Northern Italy, never stops to impress its Middle East clientele with truly spectacular jewellery. Always using bold colors, blending precious and semiprecious gems, they manage to create picturesque images, which is a testimonial of long-term incessant work and inexhaustible passion for creating high end adornments. Veschetti’s “The Collection” includes signature turquoise pieces, showcased in Doha: Aida bracelet, Imperial ring, Light Blue necklace, Nadira necklace. Inimitable diamond jewellery, statement items from “The Classic” line demonstrates its uniqueness and luxuriousness by means of rare and extraordinary gemstones, capable to make every woman glow differently. Diamond line by Veschetti bear witness to elegant sophistication and fascinating allure Made in Italy.

Next stop-Baselworld  2017, looking forward to see the most prestigious jewellery houses and independent jewellery designers, which you, my dear followers, professionals of the sector and simple amateurs of jewellery world will discover with me-Realm of Jewellery





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